The actions we take due to the Covid-19 pandemic are as follows:

We have installed records of information and precautions for protection against the COVID-19 virus in our general areas, information channels and mobile applications, which have been published by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey.

Our staff is responsible for the implementation of our action plan and for the satisfaction and follow-up of our guests throughout the holidays. Paramedics will be continuously present.

By working with an international professional company consisting of experts in chemical products, we provide our staff with cross-contamination and basic training. In line with these trainings, we always keep our cleaning procedures at a high level.

Food preparation processes are carried out by our trained kitchen staff under the supervision of competent managers in accordance with ISO 22000 Food Safety Standards. We revised our procurement processes by reviewing the stages with all our suppliers.

We have made changes in our concept and service type to minimize the contact of our employees and guests.

Food, water, surface and environment samples are taken twice a month and analyzed by an accredited laboratory. According to these results, we are going to form and execute our action plan.

Our facilities are routinely audited and reported by a company that provides independent audit consultancy services and by our internal quality team.

In our rooms and common areas, we carry out disinfection with ULV Pulverization method. We ensure that all our textile materials are washed and ironed in the range of temperatures recommended by the Public Health Institution.

In our fitness area, which requires a reservation, we maintain the social distance and disinfect the fitness equipment before and after use. In addition, we aimed to reduce the risk of transmission by moving the fitness service to the open area. We increased our precautions by meeting the health tourism certificate criteria in the Spa.

We ensure that our employees take protective measures and use hand disinfectants, as well as taking daily fever measurements at the beginning and end of their work and during their working hours. We provide training to our employees from professional physician and safety specialist in accordance with the criteria set by the Turkish Ministry of Health. Our emergency action plans were shared with all our employees.

In our technical services, the disinfection rate in the pool water is kept at the level determined by the official authorities. Water and pool equipments are routinely cleaned with filtration, UV devices, thermal and chemical agents.

We regularly undertake inspections with our experienced managers and team.

Our hotel ventilation and air-conditioning systems are disinfected at standards and frequency according to the regulations.

Chlorine measurements are made four times a day in our pools. In addition to the daily routine cleaning, we perform a detailed cleaning once a week. Complementary, a foot disinfection unit has been installed in the shower area.

The animation program is based on a concept which enables to maintain social distance. Obligatory disinfection measures and hand disinfectant units are available around the show and program areas.

Considering the latest circular letters and regulations in waste management, we have positioned different waste bins around the relevant areas for disposable personal protective equipment. By treating these wastes as biological wastes, we ensured their safe removal through the relevant institutions.

A pandemic team consisting of our department managers has been created for emergencies. Its duties and responsibilities are specified and actions are planned according to risk analysis. We provide the necessary isolation opportunities in case of incidents are observed on our employees or guests.

Checklists are made for each department for the purpose of measurement and performance evaluation, and we take our actions by performing root cause analyzes against situations that may occur.

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